Project // Animals // Phrases // Ace! 3

Hey kids!

How are you doing with your descriptions of animals? I hope you are enjoying it.
Below you can find some phrases that will help you to make your sentences complete.


It is = es ó está     
It isn't = no es ó no está
They are = son ó están
They aren't = no son ó no están


It has got = tiene
It hasn't got= not tiene
They have got = tienen
They haven't got = no tienen


It lives = vive
It doesn't live = no vive
They live = viven
They don't live = no viven


It eats = come 
It doesn't eat = no come
They eat = ellos comen
They don't eat = ellos no comen


It can = puede
It can't = no puede
They can= ellos pueden
They can't = ellos no pueden

*****recordad que después de can / can't no ponemos -ing, pero despues de like, *****

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